Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogger John Chow Uses Viewbar

The AGLOCO Viewbar - It Really Does Exist

May 15, 2007 at 8:34 am

We recently decided to give a Member who is not on the development team a chance to use and test a recent version of the AGLOCO Viewbar. John Chow has written (and posted a video) about his first look at the software. Here are his opening thoughts:

The AGLOCO Viewbar is real and it does exist. I know because I’m using it right now. Akshay Mavani sent me a beta Viewbar to try out and give my impressions.

The Viewbar software is a 1.8 MB download. When installed, it takes up 5 MB of space. The Viewbar is not any bigger than the Windows task bar. The version I am running shows ads by Google and Google is the default search engine. The ads are not targeted at the moment because it hits only one ad server. The rest of the ad servers have not been connected.
Besides allowing us to make money while surfing the Internet, the Viewbar does offer some useful tools. It has a nice Google search box and keeps tracks of all your favorites from Internet Explore and FireFox. There is also a quick link to the Windows calculator and calendar. I’m sure more features will be added in later versions.

From what I can tell from playing around with it, the Viewbar looks ready to go. The main sticking point is the integration with the ad servers. Once that problem is solved, everyone will be able to download it.

As Chow also notes, as soon as we are able to finish integrating the ad servers (which has unfortunately taken much longer than expected), we will begin our full-scale release. The current integration issues are coming from the ad server side, but we are having to adjust the Viewbar to compensate for this. We are working with our partners to correct this last remaining issue so the Viewbar can be released. Every day I keep my fingers crossed that it will be the day the ad server integration is completed so that AGLOCO can finally move into the next phase of business.

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team