Monday, May 7, 2007

AGLOCO was also discussed in `The Economist Magazine’s` new Technology Quarterly Edition

AGLOCO had another record week of new Member signups last week, and we know that 100% of that is due to AGLOCO Member activity. According to Google more web pages are talking about AGLOCO (2,000,000+) than Kobe Bryant or Queen Victoria, and we are now creeping up on Lindsay Lohan and David Beckham.

AGLOCO was also discussed in the Economist Magazine’s new Technology Quarterly Edition. The article sub-heading reads “Online Advertising: New business models let communities of internet users control how their personal information is bought and sold.” The article discusses how Google users are not getting Google services for free, but rather how users trade personal information to Google in exchange for their services … and that Internet users are only now starting to realize their own value. Apparently, other companies are starting to realize that this is not a trivial issue (and AGLOCO’s privacy policy is very strict about not sharing this information).

On another topic, I’ve seen some comments (and gotten some emails) from Members “requesting” that their site be considered for the “interesting site of the day” that I always post at the bottom of my blog entries. With this blog getting thousands of visits each day, I can understand the fact that being selected can bring with it some notoriety, exposure, and traffic. So, I thought I’d talk about some things that might help your blog get noticed for this “honor”:

1. Post frequently. I’m not going to link to a blog where the most recent post is a month old.

2. Post something interesting and thought-provoking. One thing I love seeing is a new and interesting point of view that makes me, and the readers I send to the site, think. Also, simple explanations of AGLOCO or sample emails are good because I can point to your site or blog entry as a useful tool for Members looking to recruit others or learn more.

3. Make me aware of your site … nicely. With so many blogs about AGLOCO on the web, I can’t possibly get to them all. It helps when you point your site out (generally on comments to this blog). However, if you try to plug your blog 300 times and it gets annoying, I’ll probably not even look just based on principle.

4. There is no rule that says I can’t pick a site twice, so if I recognize you once, keep up the good work.5. The decision is totally subjective and if I don’t pick your site, it’s not because I didn’t like it. There may have just been other sites that caught my eye that time, maybe another post backed up something I said in that day’s blog, or I may be holding off to get to your site next time.

Keep up the great work as AGLOCO founders. We’re excited to really get this company off the ground soon.

Brian GreenwaldAGLOCO Development Team