Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Is this a scam or fraud? No. The members of the development team include people with vast high-profile experience in business. Two of the best-known are Jim Jorgensen and Ray Everett-Church. A Google search with keyword “agloco” now brings up more than a million pages. As of February 7, 2007, AGLOCO has over 100,000 members already; the goal is 10 million by July 2007.
Is the AGLOCO referral system multi-level marketing? No. Multi-level marketing involves members selling products to new members that they recruit. AGLOCO is basically the opposite. No member ever pays AGLOCO. Instead, AGLOCO gets money from companies (like advertisers, search companies and online merchants) and distributes cash and shares to it members.
How do we know AGLOCO will work? This is actually not a new idea. It worked last time around, when a company called AllAdvantage used the same system and paid out over $120 million dollars to its members between 1999 and 2001 . You can still find sites online by people who made good money with the company. The only reason AllAdvantage didn’t continue was because of the failure of the dot-com market, and with it Internet advertising. Today the Internet is much more stable and advertising spending is at record levels, with calls on all sides for more relevant, less annoying advertising. AGLOCO’s small but useful Viewbar will satisfy that need.

What’s the catch? As of the writing of this flyer, the Viewbar isn’t ready yet. It will be available for download in March. This is (1) to make sure the Viewbar has no bugs in it and (2) to give enough time for people to join so that AGLOCO already has a large network when the Viewbar is out. Companies are more likely to invest if 10 million people have the Viewbar, rather than 10,000.
Will the Viewbar violate privacy or put spyware on your computer? No. All the Viewbar does is scan the pages you view for keywords that it uses to show you relevant ads that you are more likely to find useful. Nothing else is installed. In addition, AGLOCO has a thorough privacy policy backed by Ray Everett-Church, the leading Internet privacy expert today.
Do members have to do anything besides sign up to make money? Yes. Once you are a member, you will need to download the Viewbar when it becomes available and actively surf the Web with the Viewbar running. You will get credit for up to five hours per month, and you can turn off the Viewbar any time. Also, remember that you never have to click on anything on the Viewbar if you don’t want to. Clicking doesn’t affect the results.
How much money will you make, and how is this calculated? Once you install the Viewbar software it automatically records the time you're actively online, and you are paid accordingly for up to a maximum of 5 hours online. The rate is calculated according to the total income generated. The more members AGLOCO has, the more companies will advertise, and the more money members will make per hour.How will you get paid? The AGLOCO blog recently announced that AGLOCO will pay its members using checks, ACH (bank-to-bank) payments, PayPal and credit card-style cash card (with a VISA logo on them). AGLOCO will also pay in local currencies wherever possible. You will receive a monthly payment based on your total available hours surfed with the Viewbar on, as well as those you refer. See the next question for more on that.
Extra income for referring new members: The more members AGLOCO has, the more companies will advertise, and the better off the company will be. As an incentive to help, you will be paid for each hour that somebody you referred to AGLOCO uses the Viewbar. You also get credit for the people they refer as well, up to 5 levels below you. This aims to ensure that the very first founding members—those who put time and faith into this enterprise—are adequately compensated for their efforts. This is one of the reasons why I suggest you sign up now, and not wait until later. You can always join, but you will more likely have a bigger income the earlier you sign up.I already have a good number of referrals and I can help you get your referral network started once you join.